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Stainless Steel Working

We have established ourselves in the work of the Certified Stainless Steel , reaching the highest quality standards in the Production of Machinery and Industrial Plants.

Today we boast the most sophisticated equipment for the design and construction of Industrial Plant, a compact and functional team of Specialists in labor and engineering, qualified administrative offices to meet all the needs of information, estimates and commercial proposals.

We guarantee the processing of certified stainless steel, we provide testing and set-up on site, we assist the customer at 360 °.

The INOX - CMP s.r.l. for many years it has been successful in the design and construction of industrial automatic, robotized or semi-automatic lines. Throughout the industrial arc Pontino has now established itself for the professionalism and experience acquired by the company's technicians.

Four good reasons to entrust you to our Experience


SAFETY SLa Company pays the utmost attention to the prevention of accidents at work by adopting all the measures of safety and industrial hygiene aimed at ensuring the health of personnel. In particular, it complies with the provisions of Legislative Decree 81/08 of 2008. THE WORK


To maintain a high quality standard of our products, a careful selection of the materials is carried out at the preliminary stage. Here the INOX CMP uses only superior quality materials and components: in the case of stainless steel, the one with casting certification is used.


Before permanently installing a system, strict and careful checks are carried out to avoid the risk of possible defects of origin. The tests at the customer are complete and systematic until the system starts operating.


The INOX CMP s.r.l., thanks to the great flexibility, is able to intervene in very short times to make changes or repairs to the plants. Always available for any need or need the offices responsible for assistance.


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