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What kind of Products and Services do you provide?
• Dairy industry
• Conservation and Agri-food Industry
• Chemical Industry
• Pharmaceutical Industry
• Metal-working industry
• Logistics


design • procurement of materials
• construction
• assembly of industrial carpentries

process lines • technological systems
• machinery
• MV and LV cabins and panels
• industrial electrical distribution systems
• process automation in local or distributed mode (LAN and field BUS) through PLC (Programmable Logic Control) control unit
• process supervision through SCADA packages (Supervisory, Control and Data Acquisition)

• Engineering
• Mechanical Design
• Electropneumatic Design
• Electrical and Electromechanical Design
• Integration of Electronic and Programmable Systems (Digital and Analogic Electronic Sensors, Measurement Instrumentation, Process Regulators, Plc) for Signal Acquisition and Process Control Via Fieldbus
• Analysis, Development and Maintenance of Process Software and Production, Control, Release and Maintenance Supervision of the Documentation related to Engineering (Mechanical, Electropneumatic, Electric, Electromechanical, Process Systems, Software)
What kind of production machines and plants did you make?
• Crepes Production Machine
• Cooking and Maintaining Product Tank
• Conveyor belts
• Panatrici
• Batterers
• Tippers
• Compressed air, water, steam, fire fighting, process, Cip, purification, conditioning systems
• Electrical systems: MV / LV cabins, MV / LV distribution, lighting, process and packaging plants
• Process automation
• Plants for the production of sofficini, long and short frozen pasta
• Production lines and product transfer
• Process lines, mozzarella firming plants, packaging plants
• Firming lines and product transport
• Dosing systems
• Vegetable cooking line, water solution preparation system and citric acid, frozen sorting line
• Milk transfer plant
• Construction of stainless steel metal structures and transport lines
• Construction of process lines and work islands
• Pallet transport lines
• Cold storage shelving (pallet type) and forklifts
• Air filtering group
Do you work only on National Territory?
No, our company is constantly expanding so over the years has acquired customers beyond the Italian borders, that is, Germany and is planning other nations
What are the delivery times?
Delivery times do not have a standard: they may vary according to availability and type of product.
Delivery times do not have a standard: they may vary according to availability and type of product.
How can I contact you?
On our Official Website you can find all the telephone references, the separate emails for sectors and departments for all your specific requests and a contact form to be filled in to request your estimate today.

Our qualified technical and administrative staff is ready to answer all your questions and needs for information and support or to create a customized quote for you.

The thirty-year experience in the sector, the professionalism, the excellent response times, the efficiency and the high levels of certified safety guarantee you excellent working standards and ad hoc designs for your sector.

Contact us today and request your Quote!
Is the Operating Office easily accessible?
Absolutely yes, for those traveling by car just coming from the SS 148, the Pontina, must head towards L'Appia towards Latina Scalo until you reach the main roundabout, take the first exit, go straight towards Viale della Stazione 5,604 km, until at the traffic lights, turn left and then the first street on the right, L'Asse Attrezzato, via Verri snc.

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