Sanitizing Gel Stand in Stainless Steel with Gloves Compartment
✅ Ensures hygiene and prevention in your commercial, corporate, condominium, public and private spaces
Choose the [Sanitizing Gel Stand in Stainless Steel with Glove Compartment] from Inox | Cmp:
– Measurements Height: 140cm – Width: 17cm – Depth: 3cm – Base Plate: 30cm x 30cm
– customizable
– made entirely of matt aisi 304 certified stainless steel
– resistant
– produced entirely in Italy
– guaranteed delivery
– transport excluded

The product is made by Italian artisans with more than 40 years of experience


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For those who buy products suitable for sanitizing environments and work tools to guarantee the safety of customers and workers, there is a TAX CREDIT!

* Tax credit for the sanitation of workplaces: the anti Covid-19 bonus
In order to counter the epidemiological spread of Covid-19, the government authorities have envisaged the adoption of some measures aimed at providing economic support to companies directly called upon to guarantee the safety of customers and workers, through the implementation of sanitation programs. of working environments. In this short guide we will try to understand how the tax credit for the sanitation of anti Covid19 environments works, in light of the most recent regulatory updates.

Tax credit for sanitation of workplaces: the regulatory framework

Art. 64 of the so-called “Cura Italia Decree”, launched by the Government on March 17, 2020, expressly recognizes “a tax credit, to the extent of 50 percent of the costs of sanitizing the environments and work tools incurred and documented up to a maximum of 20,000 euro for each beneficiary, within the overall maximum limit of 50 million euro for the year 2020 “.